What the world needs right now!

Graham CCC’s latest project is Right Now! The purpose of Right Now! is to unlock additional solidarity, knowledge, ideas, experience and financial vigor between entrepreneurs and investors in venture philanthropy and impact investing and apply it to specific, unique areas. Right Now! focuses on the potential of social enterprise to fight poverty, youth unemployment, climate change and the consequences of forced migration.

Our purpose and focus overlaps with the present social mission of the Catholic Church under the leadership of Pope Francis, visibly expressed in his encyclical Laudato Si’. This led to a commitment by Right Now! to actively contribute to, in co-creation with the Church and other grassroots organizations, the selection, validation, development, launch and implementation of certain carefully chosen projects. These projects strive to transform how business addresses humanity’s biggest challenges in innovative ways, while at the same time serving the aims of Laudato Si’ and the people it speaks of: the poor and vulnerable.